Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ASAP Smoke Free Lifestyle Mini Concert & Exhibition


The Mind

Now is the time to support Malaysia’s first of its kind Anti Smoking Campaign called ASAP targeted at youths across our beloved Malaysia. It is a well known fact that the habit of smoking is the root of many serious illnesses in this country. Not only does it affect the wellbeing of the smoker in the long run, but also the next person next to them who may or may not be a smoker. Many felt that tobacco education in our country has to go beyond the usual health hazards info printed on cigarette boxes and billboards. The legal and social aspects of smoking must be tackled too. 

It is agreed by many that education starts from home. This campaign is not here to preach nor does it want to show detailed steps on how to quit this lethal habit. It is here to create an ongoing awareness movement especially among young people and to subliminally show them how the habit of smoking could hugely affect their health and their relationships with others.

The Introducer

In combine effort and strength, 1MDB @ 1 Malaysia Development Berhad and Ministry of Health is bringing a joined support and efforts to see this ASAP campaign made possible and success. 

Malaysia’s rising singer songwriter IZ, who is also an advocate for leading a smoke free healthy lifestyle has been chosen to participate as the Official Ambassador for this ASAP campaign.

Mission &


Main Mission 
In the spirit of One Malaysia, to UNITE each and every Malaysian to fight against the lethal smoking habits in this country. 

Main Concept 
A 10-minute, short film in Bahasa Malaysia version accompanied with a theme song to cater for the Malay, Chinese and Indian community. 

Official Web Site


Venue : Dewan Anuwar Mahmud, UKM
Time : 8.00pm, Friday
Date : 2nd March 2012
Artist : Liyana Jasmay, Amy Wang, Tuxy, Iqwal, Vic Teo
Admission : FREE


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